Microsoft Now on the Mobile Web

Microsoft has begun to participate in a growing market for accessing useful information on mobile phones. The software company has signed an agreement with handset maker Nokia to extend its Silverlight platform to millions of mobiles. Silverlight is being viewed as a competitor to Adobe Flash, which is already using popular websites like YouTube. The software will be the first to be available on Nokia’s smart phone, which is already running the Symbian operating system.

Nokia S60

Nokia’s S60 mobile phone, which is supposed to be the first mobile phone to be used as a symbol, will benefit from the Silverlight. The S60 is available in all smartphones of LG, Samsung and Nokia and accounts for more than triple the market share. Silverlight allows its designers and developers to design sophisticated web applications that are free from the confines of browsers, operating systems and handsets. Microsoft is pushing to develop a program for Web-2 that can work not only on computers but on any other device, even on mobile phones. The software is being introduced at a time when Adobe’s Flash and its air products are dominant in the market.

Adobe has already signed deals with eighteen of the 20 best device makers in the world, including Nokia. And according to this, new small flashlights containing 450 million devices have already been sent. Microsoft will try to compete with Adobe in this regard. He is currently working on a variety of Silverlight for his Windows Mobile software.

The Mobile Phone Will Tell You the Location

Mobile or cellphone users around the world will soon have a new facility available – on this basis, cell phone users will be able to know which city in the world they are addressing. Which section is present? With cellphone and global positioning systems or GPS sharing, people will no longer ask where you are on mobile phones – some mobile phones in the United States, for example, include Apple’s new iPhone that has Focus GPS. The device uses Google Maps, which makes way for the journey from the beginning to the destination, but now phones have come up with small and low cost GPS microchips.

The Sprint network of the Walt Disney brand’s mobile phone has a Family Locator service that allows families to know where their children are. But if children do not want to inform their parents of their presence, they can turn off their cell phones and achieve their goal.

The World’s Most Expensive Mobile Set – Goldfish Euroset

Gold Vish Euroset is priced at Mr One Million Euros (approx. 9 million rupees) – this set is made of 18 karat gold and WS1 with diamonds used in buttons – so expensive. These mobiles with the price have gone on to register in the Guinness Book of World Records – this unique mobile of its kind is currently the only 3 digits in the world and if these sets were placed on eBay for bidding Prices are expected to rise further. One of the features of this mobile set and that is that if anyone steals or snatches it will be the last spree of that person (because after such a valuable mobile he will not need any more theft or importation) – surely our Pakistani mobile. Thieves will also be eagerly awaiting this set.

Slim Mobile

Nokia Company has developed the slimmest mobile phone in the world. Named Nokia 888. It is as fine as mobile paper. And it has all the latest mobile features. This mobile can be easily folded and kept in your pocket. The highlight of this mobile is that it doesn’t require charging. It is charged with solar energy. The highlight of this mobile is to move and change its color and style.

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