Some Interesting facts About Laptops

The world’s thinnest laptop

Apple Computer Owner Steve Jobs has introduced the world’s thinnest laptop, the ‘MacBook Air’. The laptop is approximately two centimeters thick and was unveiled in San Francisco. This laptop can also be placed in an envelope. Steve Jobs says this is an amazing feat of engineering. Apple has teamed up with chip maker Intel to create a special short processor for this laptop. No CD or DVD drive was installed to keep the computer down. It’s a completely wireless machine and it will hit the market in about two weeks. In the UK it will cost twelve hundred pounds and in the US $ 188. The computer will have eight gigabytes of hard disk, while the cost of about $ 1,000 can be installed on a solid state hard drive of sixty gigabytes.

Is the laptop a guest for a few days?

Is there a danger to the laptop’s existence in the future? Can any amazing technology make the laptop a story of time? Can you guess by looking at the picture? Is this a pan in the room? Or another guess? Yes you are looking at the invention of the time to come – the computer of the time you are wondering how this will work. This is a revolution in the world of computers. Scientists have discovered this great computer through Bluetooth technology. You can also keep this computer in your pocket. This device, which looks like a pan, can be used to place it in any smooth place, with its rays becoming a monitor and keyboard, so you can do all the work you normally do on your computer: Are you ready to say goodbye to a laptop if you do?

The world’s first foldable laptop

If you want to buy a laptop instead of a foldable smartphone, Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold will love it. Its concept design was introduced in May last year and at the CES Technology Show in Las Vegas. The company has announced that consumers will be able to buy it for $ 255 by the middle of this year.

The laptop is equipped with a 13.3-inch TKP LED display, with a stainless steel foil that protects the screen from scratches and a special coating on top. But even so, the screen is so soft that it easily folds and unfolds. In its entirety, the X-1 Fold becomes like a tablet on which movies can be viewed and web browsing. It is possible to watch on different content screens simultaneously using split screen mode.

Samsung Introduces ‘Low Price’ 2 In One Laptop

Samsung has introduced its new and ‘low price’ 2 in One Laptop Galaxy Book Flex Alpha. The thin and lightweight 13.3-inch screen is equipped with a QV LED display that was launched during the first half of 2020. These laptops have been introduced in Las Vegas before the start of the Consumer Electronics Show on January 7 and will be showcasing this technology.

According to the company, the Outdoor mode is also given with better power saving and it has the technology of the company’s flagship laptops which helps to measure the brightness and work on full HD. It weighs 1.19. The kilogram, while it has a fingerprint sensor keyboard, provides users with ease of logging in. Also 2 USB 3.0 jacks, one USB socket, one HDMI slot and micro SD-card reader is provided and yes there is a headphone jack.

Photo courtesy of Samsung

The laptop has been given Intel 10 Generation Core processor, 8 to 12 GB RAM, 256 to 512 GB storage options, while the battery can work for more than 17 hours on a single charge, at least this is what the company claims. It can also be charged quickly with SBC Fast Charging Support.

The laptop also has Wi-Fi support and stereo speakers. Samsung has not announced a clear date for the price or availability of the flagship laptops Galaxy Book IV and Flex, but says That Galaxy Book Flex will be cheaper than the Alpha flagship laptops and will cost $ 830.

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