What Challenges Does Modern Technology Present

If that were to be said, it would not be surprising that we are going through such an era. Where two periods meet, namely ancient and modern, we are now stepping into the machine age and the abundance of scientific inventions has taken over all walks of life. It is also being said, that man is touching the pinnacle of development and everything is now at the fingertips.

Is this development just providing us with all kinds of facilities or is it taking away anything from us?

If during this material development, the production of various commodity factories has increased greatly due to scientific inventions. So, on the other hand, their wastewater is also adversely affecting our environment. Experts say there are hundreds of diseases left behind by these factories, and that the smoke from them is a great source of climate change. The damage caused by every organism is affected. Likewise, there are vehicles where with them, the weekly commute is fixed in hours. Their happiness and sadness can be reached in a timely manner and access to the markets has become very easy, there is also smoke from the vehicles and their noise is the inventor of many diseases in our environment.

Mobile phones have made business easier than ever. Now video calls can be made from anywhere in the world to attend meetings, millions of rupees are delivered in just one click, news from all over the world, but this mobile has severely affected our relationships. We are getting away from each other even when we are together. Social media apps have reduced the distance, but have eliminated the nearest loved ones, and even then mobile games have taken off and deprived the younger generation of physical activities. Which is why they are being called burger units.

Why the hub of the land is increasing every year in the summer

Another thing that we may have never noticed is that our country dear world is also included in these ten countries. Those who suffer from severe water shortages in the coming years, where there are many other reasons. There is also a reason, that in our urban life, the roads are not getting the amount of water that the land needs due to the roads, the lofty courtyards and the lush streets. New diseases are being born. (Our rural areas are still protected from these things) Experts say, if this is the situation, a severe water crisis may have hit the country in a few years. The revolution with the help of modern technology in agriculture has greatly increased the production of crops. But the pure ingredients contained in fruits and vegetables have also been severely affected, leading to a severe reduction in nutrients. That’s why the Western world is turning to organic things again. Where Atom has brought so many benefits to humans, atom bombs, nuclear missiles that have brutally killed humanity and crippled races. This has led to the screams of Halako and Genghis Khan.

Are We Going In The Right Direction?

This and many other things are in front of us. Are we seeing and feeling this change with our eyes, are our moral values ​​changing and our ethics, attitudes mechanized? And is this machine making too many workers unemployed? If this is the case, how can we cope with climate change? How much and to what extent do humans or every organism benefit from this invention of nature and materiality? If we want to control this situation, what are the steps? And above all, in what environment will our new generation breathe? What problems will they face? And what platform are we providing to deal with these problems? And is it not true that they are not taking advantage of the technology we should take?

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